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JSON-RPC PHP is a couple of classes written in PHP implementing respectively client and server functionalities of the JSON-RPC protocol.

The goal of the project is the full encapsulation of the JSON-RPC approach inside a PHP application.
Via these classes, it become possible to offer the network the methods of each one's own classes as RPC services and/or enjoy RPC services exacltly as if they were local objects.

The JSON-RPC PHP classes usage is extremely simple and preserve the JSON spirit:

It is easy for humans to read and write. It is easy for machines to parse and generate. [json.org]

Following this logic, the project is conceived to ensure the best code usability.

Any comments, criticisms, suggests and clarification requests can be addressed to info@jsonrpcphp.org. Any observation will be welcome.

JSON-RPC PHP has been written by an italian speaking person. English language translation of the website, of the documentation and of the code comments are made by a language knowledge narrowed to a good will and a wild and travelling learning.
Any contribution to the translations (and any blast, when bringing with suggestions) will be accepted with enthusiasm.
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